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Wide Variety of Findings.

The only limitation is your imagination.

Examples of Chandelier Earrings

cute glass charms
Metal Findings are From American Factories no longer in Business.
Perfect for Chandelier Earrings, Wire Work, Brooches etc.

 Important NOTE: When the term "Gold" is used in this section, it refers to gold plated merchandise, when the term "Silver" is used in this section, it refers to silver plated merchandise. None of these Findings are made of any kind of precious metal.


Antiqued BRASS sunburst pattern, slightly dapped. Over an inch in circumferance. Work easy with Wirework. Order Item# FND112 AT $4.00 per lot of 4.

Gold Plated Drop Hoop, slightly antiqued. It only looks silver...old camera! Order# FND105 at $9.00 per lot OF 6.

Classic Wreath Design. Antique Silver or Antique Gold color, CC STEEL. Order# FND185 at $8.00 per lot of 6 pcs.

Spoked wheel like design in Antique Silver deep dap in center, textured spokes. Order# FND186 at $10.00 per lot of 6 pcs.

Wheel like design in RAW BRASS , deep dap in center. Order# FND109 at $8.00 per lot of 6 pcs.

Whirling wheel, the Flower ends will allow you to paste a stone in them if you so desire. Or leave it out, either way. Antique Silver only, sold in lots of 6 pcs for $8. Brass. Order FND188.

The little version, sans the flower ends, this one is sold in lots of 8 pcs for $9.00. Antique Silver or Antique Gold . Useful for earrings or brooches. FND189.

Dolphin Clasp in Pewter, use singley or in pairs. Extremely strong, can hold the heaviest of necklaces. Works like a lobster clasp. Order# FND-dl at $ 10.00 per lot of 2 (whole pair)

Classic filigree ovals, for bar pins, earrings, clasps etc. Light Antique Gold , CC STEEL. Order# FND107, $8.80 per lot of 4.