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Colors discontinued many years ago. Finishes that proved to be too expensive for the mass market of the day.
All in Limited Supply. Very limited.

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Another fine and delicate spacer type bead, this one is jonquil and measures 4mm, rare bead. Note the extra row of facets along the sides, much more interesting than a plain round bead. It is a long gone style, only available here now. Jonquil works very well with Sun, Topaz, Madeira, Jet and Desert. Sold in lots of 12pcs for $7.50. Order# BDVN6416 .


Another fine and delicate type bead, this one is hyacinth and measures 4mm, another rare bead. Note the extra row of facets (see where the arrows point) along the sides, much more interesting than a plain round bead. It is a long gone style, only available here now. Hyacinth. Sold in lots of 12pcs for $7.50. Order# BDVN6393 .


Article number 42 again, this time in size 7mm a rare size and a rare color. It is Colorado Topaz, do not confuse with Lt. Colorado Topaz which is much more common. Colorado Topaz, or just "Colorado" as it is known in the trade, has a tint of red in it which you can see if your monitor is set properly. This is a rare bead in a rare size, rare color and rare article number. Want rare x4? This is it. Sold in lots of 12 for $13.50. Order# BDVN6418.

Rather gorgeous 8mm bicone, Vitrail Dark bead from 1955, this one had another name at one time. Can you guess what it was? Or is? If you have been paying attention you will know, and if not you can stay awake nights wondering. Amazing finish, look at all the colors that dance and frolic in the light. In the dark, nothing happens. Sold in lots of 12 for $18. Order# BDVN6434.

Called Comet Argent (Argent means "silver" in Latin) this is a highly polished silver finish on all sides. It is a bicone, 6mm and was made in the 1950's. We have some others in this finish but most are a lot more expensive than this one. You can be the proud owner of these beads for the price of $12 per dozen. Order# BDVN6433.

By now you must have noticed that we specialize in the rare and the beautiful. If you haven't you have been asleep all this time. This one is Dark Amethyst, article 199, with an AB finish. It is from the time of the Eisenhowers. Is it not beautiful? I can tell you it is rare, it is very rare. We have but a few for sale, measures 14mm and sells in lots of 6 for $36. Very very few so if you love it, take it now, it won't be here next time. Told ya! Gone!

The box says nothing about what color it is, so I will tell you what I know and describe it. It was made for the Napier company in 1954, there is a silver finish on one side and the bead is a rosey-desert color, the colors of the spectrum come through the glass side of it, all those colors you see there. It will steal your breath. Only this one size, 12mm has turned up so far. Sold in lots of 6 pcs for $27, bicone in shape and demeanor, another true rarity. For the discerning. Order# BDVN6436.


That important phone call you have been waiting for will only occur if you immerse yourself completely in a tub of water.
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