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A phenomenal assortment of HUGE ovals, 14x20mm at HUGE savings, these beauties averaged $18 per dozen, these last few assortments can be yours for the absurd price of

  • 50 pcs for $40,
  • 100 pcs for $60
  • OR 200 pcs for $75.
  • That comes out to an 80% savings, in case your calculator is in the other room!! Has the King lost it? You move now, you win. You wait who knows. Beads are a funny thing. Sometimes we have them for years and then one day someone writes a magazine article or wears something on TV and BAM! All gone in a matter of hours! And we never know why. So do what you feel is best! Remember though, it is your responsibility to Order Accordingly in the right spot. No later adjustments. Order item number BDVN2090.

    200 is Your BEST BET!!!

    Nice old Italian Millifiore which came to us many many years ago. They were packed in a dirty cloth bag which we thought was machine parts all these years! These are single sizes, we have two, but not all that much of either one. This group is 8mm and they are sold assorted only, 100 pcs for $35. Do not expect these to last long at these prices!! Sorry, cannot entertain requests for specific colors. Order item number BDVN2085

    These are the 10mm ones, some designs are similar to the 8mm but not all. Sold assorted only in lots of 50 for $25

    Order# BDVN2085-10.

    These are the 10mm darker ones, only available in 10mm as the 8mm are sold out. Only a few left. Order# BDSVN1812G, Sold assorted only in lots of 50 for $30


    This assortment is made up from just about everything we have and will vary depending upon when it is ordered. When we have only a few pieces left of any bead we will put it into this assortment regardless of original price or value. Can't decide what to order? Then this is the one for you! You will get 2-6 of a kind MAXIMUM. Unbelievable price structure, we need to get rid of them because holding onto a few pieces does not make sense, we are always short of space in our warehouse and all of our bins are uniform. Hence whether we have 1000 in stock, 10 in stock or 2 in stock it will still take up the same space, so we need to move them out to make room for the ones we do have in quantity. Sold in lots of 100, 200, or 500 pieces. Sizes from 6mm-18mm including rounds, ovals, hearts, tears etc. Bigger assortments naturally get wider varieties.

  • 100 piece lot: $75
  • 200 piece lot: $135
  • 500 piece lot: $295
  • Use Pull Down Menu to Select Assortment Size

    A strange assortment of otherwise "where do we put them" beads, these are mostly of African origin. Hand painted, sizes are 14x8, 10x12 barrels...10x14 ovals, 12 and 14mm rounds, and a surprise or two just for you! Not enough of any one kind to really list separately so we bunch them up and here they are, sold in lots of 100 pcs for $35, 250 pcs for $79 OR 500 pcs for $150. What you see is what you get, and then some other excellent values if they run low (only if they run low). Order# BDSVN1814.


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    From the King of Vintage Glass. All of this glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!