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Since 1980, most semi-precious stones sold have been "enhanced", meaning dyes and oils have been added to make the colors brighter and more apparent. Our inventory dates from the late 50's to early 60's, when only natural color stones were sold. As a result these stones are not enhanced, the color is all natural. As such coloring may vary slightly from one bead to the next.

Rose Quartz


Sold in lots of 50 for $22, as they come out of the bin. Item # 1818.

Also available in 4mm, 50 pcs for $15, the 4mm is slightly darker than the 6mm, item # 1819.

Also available in 4mm, 50 pcs for $15, item # 1821.

Dalmatian Jasper


Sold in lots of 50 for $21. Named after the famous firehouse dogs!! This one comes from Utah. Item # 1825.

Picture Jasper


Sold in lots of 50 for $16. From Mexico, Taiwan and other areas. When cut in slabs the configuration looks like pictures of the desert, hence the name. Opaque. Item # 1827.

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Vintage Glass Beads (Main Catalogue)

From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!

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