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All GENUINE Cinnebar.

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Hand Carved Cinnebar.

Cinnebar is from the Cinnebar Tree which grows in Southeast Asia. The beads are made by pressing a pattern into the wood and then the color is enhanced with a resin to give it stability as the wood is very soft. Do not confuse this material with the mineral also known as cinnabar.


Octagonal Cinnebar Beads

Big octagonal cinnebar beads measure about 13mm wide and 23mm long, just short of an inch. Lines show which way hole runs. Also can be used as stations in a necklace or bracelet mixed with jade or ivory for a perfect look. Lines show direction of hole which is drilled through. Sold in lots of 10 for $18. Item # ST045.

Heart Shaped Cinnebar Beads

Heart shaped, measure about 16mm in either direction. Sold in lots of 10 for $15. Item # ST038.

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our VINTAGE glass is AT LEAST 50 years old!