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Black bead with a lot of aventurine peculiarities on the surface. May be inside too, no way to know as they are black and we cannot see what is happening inside. Ovals, they measure 8x11mm. Those weird colors on the surface, ever so subtle, are coming from a strange finish on the beads that I have never seen before. It seems to refract the light into those colors, so they are not really there but sometimes they are. Depends on how the light hits the bead and what kind of light it is. These are sold in lots of 12 for $7.80. I have only a few of them. Order Item #BDVN5512.

Incredibly gorgeous combination of blues in this beautiful Japanese bead. And accented and offset by a sparkling band of what I believe is aventurine, but considering breaking one to know for sure, is totally anathema to me, I can't say 100% that it is aventurine. It IS some sort of sparkly stuff though. They look pretty good in the photo, wait till you hold them in your hand!! Definitely an ooh--ahh bead. Remind me of the loydiss beads which sold out the first week we posted them in 2001. Actually, being bigger than the loydiss bead these are ever so much prettier. Sold in lots of 6 for $13.50 . But be forewarned, I think not that these beads will be here for very long so best get them now. I already took out my dozen for my collection, the rest are for sale. Made in 1947, they measure 12x20mm. Order # BDVN5435.

Round MOTHER-OF-PEARL beads, 5mm. Aren't they nice? Sold in lots of 30 pcs for $12. Order # BD-VN91-75A

If this doesn't look like a frenery bead then nothing looks like a frenery bead, right? Clear, blue giv inside, irregular shape.........says frenery all the way. Japan of course, 1950. Lot of 12 is $9. Measure 7x9mm. Style number BDVN5486.

Basic blib beads, shiny surface and smears of gold swirling around inside, not defined per se but more eerily distributed so as to offset the other beads used with these. I am sure you know what I mean, everyone at one time or another looks for black blib beads, the trick is finding them in more than one or two pieces. These particular blibs measure 8mm, sold in lots of 12 for $4.50 or lots of 36 (order 3 lots) for $12.00. Do the math on that, the last lot cost $3 if you order the three lots. Do what you do best, 12 blibs hardly cuts it. In sunlight these blibs blink. Made in Japan, 1953.Order # BDVN5510.

A few years ago I had this bead in a much larger size, those who were with me from the beginning might remember it. At the time I mentioned there was a smaller one around but we had lost track of it in the move. Guess what? We found it again! Hiding, in with some other ones. Sneaky devils! Yes, here it is for as long as it lasts, there are not all that many but nonetheless here they are. I suspect it was supposed to be a cube because a few of them are cubes but most of them are triangular shaped as seen in the photo. Maybe the guy who was making them, they are lampwork, wanted to go to lunch early so he cut out one side thereby saving 25% of his time. Who knows. With beads as old as these one can only guess as to motives. Basically they are translucent green with white ribbons but for some reason ocassionally there are blue ribbons. The whites outnumber the blues, nothing to worry about, they work together if you should so happen to get some with the blue ribbons. I do not censor my products. Measurement is 10mm. As a test of things I will ask $9 per dozen for these, they should be a lot more but I do not have all that many anyway and as I have often said, space is at a premium around here. And because I save a dozen of every bead I ever had for my grandchildren, there is even 1 lot less! Order # BDVN5488.

Clear ovals with white clouds in them, some look cloudy and some look clear. They are all matching and measure 9x17mm which is a long bead! Thing about long beads is that you get a lot of mileage out of them, which means you do not need as many to go around. If you figure out the math before making something and if you don't then you should be, it is a basic tenet of jewelry making. These are rare ones from Italy, 1952. They have variations of blue in them running from light to dark, look at the photo. Sold in lots of 12 for for $18.00 . Order # BDVN5500.

Sort of a lump shape, if lump is really a shape, these measure 12x9mm and they are really pretty. Could be construed as misshapen bicone as they tend to culminate in that fashion. They appear at first glance to be grey on black but if you look long enough, or follow the trail around the bead, you will find that some of the spots evolve into a pale blue. I tell you this in earnest, so you need not be surprised when the time comes. From Western Germany, c. 1947. Sold in lots of 12 for the simple price of $7.49. Item # BDVN5449.

Old sort of giv style from Japan, 40's. Measures 8mm. Clear with a green center giv which imparts its color to the whole bead. Sold in lots of 36 for $15.00. ORDER # BDVN5498.

Silver lined Glass Tubes from Italy, 1950. Look exactly like liquid silver. These are about 1/2" long and will add a lot of mileage to your pieces. If you know how to do double or triple stranding then you can get some really nice effects. If you don't, send me an email and I will tell you how to do it! Hey, I am just a regular guy too, y'know, glad to help out a friend! Sold in lots of 50 pcs for $10.00 or Buy ten lots and get them for $5 per lot. Can't beat that!! Order Style# BD-VN1502.

One more ripple bead, the ripples are physically there you know, they are not just a fig newton of the imagination! Identical to the others except of course for color configuration, and expected to have the same presence as well. Sold in lots of six pcs for $15 and still measure in at 14x17mm. BDVN2576.

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