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The actual color was called Glacier Blue, this gorgeous pendant has long ago been discontinued. At the top, on one corner, is a hole through which you can put a jump ring or a bail. So it will hang on an angle the way the picture displays them.Hang from a chain alone or drop from a full necklace. "Special" finish, means it is similar to AB but it only reflects the blue portion of the spectrum. Buy one piece for, packaging attests to it's age from Daniel Swarovski, late 40's. Measures about an inch in all directions. Special Coating items are all Final Sale. Item # PVN1263A

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Heliotrope is the finish, the size is 23mm. This is the old version of Heliotrope, a new one is made now (but not in this item number) that does not use the same dangerous chemicals that were used in the old days. So the color is different, this is the original article. Note that there is a hole on the bias side for a bail or jump ring. We recommend you use a bail. Very Rare, we do not expect them to last very long. All Special Finish items are sold Final Sale. Order # PVN6250.

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An inlay, a Crane, in Sterling Silver, this rare piece came out of Japan in the thirties. The background is tinted SILK-GLASS and appears to have been made specifically for the inlaid Crane. Measures about 36mm x 24mm, a perfect rectangle. The talented can work this piece with wire to form a a nice bail, or a bar pin or even the right type of earring paddles can be glued to the back. If you are good with channel setting, that would be the perfect medium to use. This is a very rare piece and we only have a few left. The price is $75 each. Item # pen8.

Black Onyx Elephants, estimated age about 45 years. These were made by an unknown craftsman, the saddles were specifically made to fit these and are genuine cloissone. The eye is a rock crystal. Supplied with a bail as shown. Black Onyx, $25 each. They measure 28mm high by 25mm wide. Order # 98/3B.

Black heart pendant in a silvertone setting, age not determined. Measures 32x32mm, bail is built in so to speak. Order number PEN55 for $7.50 each.

Goldtone setting with a genuine Tiger Eye cabochon, pendant measures 21mm while the stone is 18mm. From the fifties. Sold for $6 each. Buy 3 or more and save $1.00 on each one. Order # PEN20

Identical item as above except this one is in Black Onyx and is $8 each, chain not included. Of course you can buy the chain in brass as shown or in gold filled, either is 16". Add $2 for the brass or $10 for the gold filled, see below. Order # PEN21

Lady justice? Matte design and edges but this one DOES NOT HAVE a hole, so if you buy this one you will have to find a setting for it or perhaps make one yourself. A fine jeweler could drill a hole in the glass with a high speed drill. Measures 35mm round. Sold in lots of 1 pc for $ 5. Order # PEN12.

Genuine cultured pearl matrixes. These pieces date back about 50 years. What we have here is the item from which cultured pearls are ultimately extracted EXCEPT that these were not up to par as far as depth of the pearl went, so these were cut from the shell of the oyster and made into pendants. They are quite rare but were always popular. Nowadays, copies are made of this item whereby a poor quality half-pearl is glued to a piece of shell, usually clam shell but not always, and the appearance is the same but it is a composite piece. Do not confuse these with the copies which can fall apart as they are not one piece. These are real pearls and the whole thing is a single unit. Inasmuch as it is a natural item, no two will ever be the same. We sell them in lots of 4 pieces, and you will receive 4 different ones. They will be similar but not necessarily the ones pictured as we do not have many and like we said, no two are the same. Set in a goldtone custom made setting for each one, complete with bail. Hang on a chain or make something more elaborate. Backs are polished flat, MOST of them have more than one pearl on them. Run in size from about 20mm to 30mm long. Widths vary accordingly. Sold in lots of 4 for $12.50 Item# PEN18.

Large crosses, dime added for comparison of size. They measure an odd 38 x 29mm, have a hole center top for a bail or whatnot. Edges are frosted. These are the original leaded variety, do not confuse with the modern unleaded one which has an AB finish applied to give it some life. The original pieces were made of 32% leaded crystal glass (as was all vintage Swarovski), modern ones are purported to be of some other composition. Leaded glass needs no "help", it naturally spouts out the spectrum due to the lead content in the glass. Sold in lots of $19 each or 2 for $35. Beveled. Computer will take discount on lots of 2. Order Item# 1270C.

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From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our VINTAGE glass is AT LEAST 50 years old!

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Men marry women and hope they will never change.
Usually both are disappointed.
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