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Article 5101 Hyacinth 5mm. Little baby nailheads, they're too cute to pass up!

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $6.00. Order Item #BDVN6672

Article 39, from KS Swarovski's listing of mindless numbers, Rose AB, 9mm. Order# BDVN673 for $ 27.00 per lot of 6. 9mm has not been made in years, yet it remains very popular. These are vintage of course and so we still have them.

An odd one, seldom seen, this is Indigo Scarabee. The color is on all sides but the indigo overwhelms it in the photo and comes through loud and clear. They measure 8mm, bicones. Clearly bicones. A Napier request from the late 50's. Sold in lots of 12 for $21, the only one size is all that has survived. Or perhaps was all there ever was, lost in time we may never know. These will jump all over you when you see them, and if they don't, I will! Order# BD1810E.

Mango AB in 6mm, from DS Swarovski, 1955. Only $18 for 12pcs! You will never regret it. Look good, but look a lot better in the hand than on the screen. Just one of those colors you have to know to appreciate.. Order # BDVN6241x.

Mango AB in 8mm, only $24 for 12pcs! Order # BDVN1804X.

Mango with NO AB in 3mm, only $15 for 24pcs! , these are rounds which as you know always cost more than bicones. But not here!! Made in 1957. Order # BDVN6659.

Another beauty 5mm bicone A/B in either Ruby or Emerald, both are A/B. Made in Austria in 1956. Either one, same price, sold in lots of 6 for $10.50 Order# BDVN452A(Ruby) or BDVN452B(Emerald).

Green Turmaline 5mm article 5305, long time gone from the lexicon of available products, which is what we specialize in as you must realize by now. Sold in lots of 24pcs for $27. Order #BDVN6430.

Carousel 2B, the B stands for blue. Carousel 2 was made in several colors, so far we have uncovered 2 of the variations, this is the blue one. The other, in the round was the purpley one, Carousel 2V. It is a six millimeter cube, beveled edges cause the light to bounce all over. Sold in lots of 6 for $21, Order # BD-VN6046.

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