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From D Swarovski.

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Turmaline AB, Round 12mm. Extremely rare bead. # Bd-VN733K, Sold in lots of 6 for $30. Packages are sold out.

Go find anything from Swarovski in a size bigger than 10mm will drive yourself crazy because it just isn't made anymore. This is a 14mm Tourmaline AB article 5000, we even have the original box it comes in for sale. The bead itself is sold in lots of 6 for $33, a full box of 36pcs is $204 and that includes the box, in itself a collectors item. Order Item #BDVN6152.

Very Rare 10mm Article 364 in Comet OR, note that the Comet OR is 24K GOLD! and is so marked on this package. Extremely rare bead. BDVN6627, Sold in lots of 6 for $36. A few packages for sale, package contains 72 pcs (6/12 gross) and they are $432 each, includes the package. Packages sold out.

Crystal AB, Rounds, in the elusive 11mm, which is rarer than the 12mm. # Bd-VN733F, Sold in lots of 6 for $18. Original Full package of 48 pcs with package, $154

Colorado Topaz AB in size 12mm, article 199, round. # Bd-VN733N, Sold in lots of 6 for $27. Original Full package of 48 pcs available, with package, for $226.

Emerald AB in size 12mm article 199, round. # Bd-VN733L, Sold in lots of 6 for $27.

Another rarity in Turmaline AB, 12mm bicone, original article 364. Bd-VN733G, Sold in lots of 6 for $30. Original Full package of 48 pcs available, with package, for $250.

Buy these in plain in 13mm, very rare size, no AB finish, at the price of six for $21 OR Take a dozen for only $36!. Limited time only. Order two lots and computer will take the discount for you. There are no more 13mm Swarovski available except in Vintage so best take advantage while they are still here. Order # BDVN6529

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Vintage Glass Beads (Main Catalogue)

This page is Vintage Swarovski

From the King of Vintage Glass. All of our glass is VINTAGE, AT LEAST 50 years old!