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Colors discontinued many years ago. Finishes that proved to be too expensive for the mass market of the day. Still others were never produced for the mass market in general, but were produced on
private consignment.
All in Limited Supply. Very limited.

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And the last in the pink opal configuration is a 4mm article 364 also with the AB finish. Sold in lots of 24pcs for $16.50, Order# BDVN6554.

Another original bead made for Royal, also Kaleidoscope. Easy to see why as well as the bicones. It is actually what appears to be a Madrid (red)& Fuchsia (purple) base with a kaleidoscope of colors shooting off every which way. It is article 199, measures 5mm.

Sold in lots of 12 pieces for $12.00. Order Item #BDVN6665.

A deep caribbean sea blue with a double dose of golden AB, not used that often in the old days. I am not sure why but I suspect it was saved or reserved as a special order finish. I have never seen much of it. This item was made for our factory originally in 1956 and we always referred to it as caribbean so that is what you can refer to it as also. You have my permission, but only if you buy it. Otherwise you have to call it "them beads". These are 5mm rounds, article 199, and are currently sold in lots of 12 for $18. Order # BDVN6644

A facetted 8mm round BLACK DIAMOND bead. We shot this picture to show how translucent, which they are. Figure that out if you can! Sold in lots of 6 pcs and a STEAL at $15.00 per lot! Order Style# BD-VN280.

Same bead in 10mm 6 for $18.

Same bead in 10mm AB 6 for $21.

(enlarged for detail)

Shaped somewhat like a bullet, this long-gone Swarovski measures 10.7mmX8mm. This one is JET Black, also known as "Jet" and is one of the ones that gave rise to the terminology in the whole industry that still calls the color black "jet". Heed the extra row of facets along the middle, heed them well, for they are found in a precious few items from the Swarovski lineup. We bear this one in only three varieties, this one and the one below, known as "Fantasy" for it has a fantastic silvery finish on all sides of the bead. There is a tiny one below but it may be sold out by the time you get to it! Plain Jet is sold in lots of 6 pcs for $15. Order# BD-VN6169.

As promised here is the little guy. Measures 8.5x6mm and is sold in lots of 12 for $18. Order# BDVN6521.

Here they are, in Fantasy, a very rare find. Measurements are the same, 10.7mmX8mm, the finish is barely visible in the photo but note that some colors do reflect. Most don't as the background is jet which throws off no light. Fantasy is a tough one to come by in any style, made in very few, this being one of them. There is something very sexy about this particular bead. Sold in lots of 6pcs for $18 Order# BD-VN6170.

Incredible tear drops, measure 12x8mm. Look at these devils, they seduce you don't they? This is the old helio color from days gone by. The finish is another one of those strange things about them, it is gold and then it isn't. Look again and it is silver. A very sexy bead and a very rare bead. Sold in lots of 6 for $42, ..not too many extant. Probably won't have them long but they would be exquisite in any vintage style earring or choker. So get them while you can. Order Item #BD-VN6005

Ispent over an hour trying to accurately photograph these flower beads and I could not get them to cooperate with me. It is some weird thing that with so many facets involved it is impossible to get an accurate color rendition of every one of them together. They are a deep purple, then wait, now they show a pinkish reflection! The lavendar that you see is not really there! Tried several types of lighting and different angles but, could not get what I wanted. So you will have to trust me on this one, they are incredible, absolutely incredible. Measure 12mm round, the hole runs about one third of the way down the bead, left to right. Get a few and you will be back for more in minutes, but remember, there are not very many so do not wait too long. Sold in lots of 6 for $27. Order Style# BDVN6450.

Warning!!! This bead is guaranteed to addict you to Vintage for ever!

Buy at your own risk.

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