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Brilliant SUN from DS SWAROVSKI, circa 1949, AB to boot!! You will need sunglasses to look at the brilliance of these beads which also sport a gradation of red depending upon the light source. 11mm facetted of course. Sold in lots of 4 pcs for $21. Number BD-VN-880d.

Beautiful BARREL beads from Austria, a Swarovski baby. Frosted and facetted clear with a pink inclusion on one or both ends. Measure 6X7mm, facets on the sides, a long ago discontinued process. Sold in lots of 4 pcs for $16.00 rare and pretty. Order Item # BD-VN-1116A

I don't know why, but someone crossed out the color, dark mink, on the package of these and wrote in the word 'elder'. This seems like a strange thing to do but there could have been all sorts of oddball reasons for it. However as so much time has passed there is no way to find out what that was all about. I can only make an edumacated guess and since I have other things to do, like watch the paint dry on the wall, I am going to leave it alone. Another mystery of the past unsolved!! They date to the early 50's, there is a date stamp on the package too as with most of my packages. Normally I would limit how many any one party could buy of this rare item but truthfully a few pieces seems pointless to me, so I am going to sell them in lots of 24pcs for $18 so you have enough to get something started as they are only 3mm and they are round. Were they larger, which they are not, that would be a different story. Not too many lots abound so as usual it is first come first served. # BDVN6663.

Light Topaz 8mm. Bicones extraordinaire Sold in lots of 12 for $15. Order# BDVN6460. Sorry, packages are sold out.

Crystal AB teardrop measures 13x6.5mm, perfect to make those drop off necklaces with a bunch in the front or those adorable Chandelier earrings that just have that vintage look about them. Sold in lots of 6 for $18, and that is a steal. Best take them while I am still sleepy. Item # BDVN1270W.

Calicon, chromatically similar to Ambrosia in that it bounces every color imagineable around but it is lighter in configuration and demeanor. We found it in two size ovals, one is 12x8mm and the other is 10.5x7mm. Buy one or both, of course the both option will only be available until we run out of one or the other, or both! If we run out of both then you cannot buy either one. The 12x8 is sold in lots of 6 for $30 and the 10.5x7 is sold in lots of 6 for $21. These are very rare beads. BDVN6337 for the smaller and BDVN6341 for the larger.

Swarovski SIAM RUBY 7mmx5mm AB ovals, made in 1956. Also Machine Cut. Sold in lots of 6 for $15. # BD VN 1123G.

Swarovski TOPAZ 7mmx5mm AB ovals, made in 1956. Also Machine Cut. Sold in lots of 6 for $12. # BD-VN-1123I.

Those things that look like windows are windows! This 12mm is Black Lace, we show it earlier in the catalog in 8mm. The windows are clear and the rest is jet black. The clear windows in turn pass the spectrum through them and it imparts color here and there, hither and yon, to and fro, frick and frack. But not always. Depends on the light source, but they are fascinating in sunlight. A Swarovski original, those nasty guys (you know who) that always try to copy Swarovski, but unsuccessfully (c'mon, you know who I am talking about) would not even tackle this one!! You can own this original unique item, in 12mm yet, for the price of 6pcs for $33. Order # BDVN6263.

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