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Bermuda Blue Bicones, measure 6mm, and have that rare silvery finish on one side. Bermuda is one of the prettiest colors ever made by Swarovski, original DS Swarovski (only the best) this one dates back to 1949. Save yourself the trip to Bermuda. I'll go for you. You pay.

6mm is sold out

Same Item in 5mm sold in lots of 24 for $21. Both sizes are rare, discontinued and hard as a rock to find. While we have them, we sell them. When we don't have them anymore we will never see them again. Item # BDVN558A.

Try them in 4mm, a lot of 24pcs is only $18! Order #BDVN6489.

Order #BDVN6489.

While we are at the blues, let us pop in this one known as sea foam, usually called just 'foam'. It is a 6mm, with a pearlescent finish which is not common on Swarovski products. Not now, not then, not ever.

Sold in lots of 12 pcs for $18.00, some to go around. Just some. Order# BDVN6645X.

Mink. Rarest Bead Extant from Swarovski. Amazing color but is was dropped many decades ago, long before your time even. This one is for the aficionados, not for the faint of heart that is for sure! These are one of the first article 5301 ever made, a short lived phenomena. If you know Swarovski you know how rare this color is, and if you know Swarovski you know how hard it is to find any of the rarities in 10mm, this one covers both bases. Sold in lots of 2 pcs for $60, Sold Final Sale only.

Vintage TOURMALINE in 12mm size Bicone with an extra dimension. Can you see it? So can I! Original Swarovski, 1950, 6pcs $27. Order# BDVN6166.

Long time discontinued Swarovski style, this article is pointy on both sides. Article 42, imagine how old these are!! See picture of the package, "DSW" stood for "Daniel Swarovski, Wattens" which was the name of the city of mfr in Austria. These are really old, pre WW2. The hole runs through the bead, point to point. There is an extra row of fine facetting along the edge of this bead which causes the light to dance! A costly procedure, and one lost to time. A few colors, but that does not make them any more common. In fact just the opposite is true. The first is Light Sapphire. Then we have Light Rose, Chrysolite, Mediterranean, and Light Topaz. 8mm facinating facets run to the points. A taste of what was, when. Sold in lots of 6 for $12 per lot. Order 2 lots if you want 12 and the computer will take the discount. Order# BDVN374E.

This color is sold out

Same item in Lt Rose, as promised. Same price. Same same. 8mm Order # BD-VN374D

Line Illustration

Chrysolite version, chrysolite is a lovely pale green unlike any thing else. Same price. 8mm Order # BDVN6421.

Article number 342, the flattened bicone, precious few available. This one is Scarabee, we have them in 5mm and - 6mm , a few of each. 6mm is sold in lots 12 for $18 and the 5mm is sold out We don't have many of either size so get them while you can. A nice alternative to the standard bicone and not readily available in the market. Order# BDVN6362 for the 6mm scarabee. BDVN6361 for the 5mm.

5mm suspended

Predecessor to the ghost was this odd one which was known as "antique silver". So far only found in 8mm , which you see here. I think it was called diamond light also, for awhile. But I am not sure. Oh well. Here it is, in the hand it is quite pretty. Someday you might even be able to buy them as we sort of lost them for awhile. It's a long story.....

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