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You looked at them and said to yourself......what color is that? Right? Wanna guess? C'mon, this is an easy one. Well, if you guessed chartreuse lemon, you are wrong! Go compare to the liquor cabinet. Open it up and find the brandies. And then you will realize you are looking at Cognac! Only available in this size, 12mm. The size and the color are no longer made but while they last you can buy them for $27 for 6 pieces. They won't last long, we don't have too many. Order # BDVN6611.

In the family of Amethyst but exactly which one I am not sure. Medium Amethyst I think, it is not dark and it is not light. And it does not matter all that much anyway, you can see the color. The special finish is silver on one side, in fact the silver is more prevalent in the photo but you can still see the amy in a few of them, so what else do you need? The size is 6mm bicones, Sold in lots of 12 for $27, or $27 a dozen if you prefer. Not a common bead, that is for sure! Order # BDVN6185.

Hyacinth AB Rhondells DS SWAROVSKI originals circa 1956., 9mm. Article 364 in days gone by. Sold in lots of 6 pcs for $24. Order Item# BDS-VN1141.

Garnet based bead with a cloud finish makes this an unusual and rare combination to attain. Have not yet encountered it in any other size or shape except this bicone. A beauty to add finesse to anything you come up with. 4mm Sold in lots of 18pcs for $16.50. Item # BDVN6260.

A strange color, called Joulet, from the late 40's, this is a 4mm and it is the only size we have located this in so far. We are still looking but there is a lot to look through with no guarantees as there is no inventory accounting by color and size.

These are sold in lots of 24 pcs for $18, Order Item # BDVN6258.

This is Jouelle Dark. It is darker than Joulan but in the same area of the spectrum. Dark does not photo well but if you like Joulan you will like Jouelle Dark. These are also 5mm and are the same price as the other (Jouelle light, long sold out), $18.00 per dozen. Order item number BDVN6641.

The only really pale yellow color from Swarovski in the old days was known as "Jonquil". It is a pale yellow AB, and guess what? THIS is it!! These are 10mm AB rounds facetted. Sold in lots of 6 for $24.00 as they are only slightly more available than the starlight (but not by much), Made in 1949 in Austria. You should also note that the starlight is no longer shown because it is totally sold out. Take the hint and Order number BDVN609C.

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