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A special color made for Tancredi who requested something to tie the greens together. Except this is green sometimes and purple other times, depending on how the light hits it. You can see the effect in the photo. These are from 1958, one of the "newer" ones. Measure 6mm, bicones. Maybe they exist in rounds or other shapes too but I have not come across that yet. Sold in lots of 12 for $21 ORDER # BDVN6640.

Scarabee ovals. We have these in two sizes, I will get to that later. If you have been reading this catalog then you will know my feelings about scarabee, indeed, were it not for this color I might very well have never entered the bead world. Then where would you be? Probably just trying to make do with modern things, none of which compare to the vintage! Every bead in this photo is identical, yet they look so different due to the way light reacts to the direction they face. Look closely at the photo, you will see what I mean. Depending on how they lie determines what colors of the spectrum they reflect. How many beads can do that? We have these in 6x4mm. They are sold in lots of 6 for $24. ORDER #BDVN6342.

Known in its day as Citrus, a deep yellow slightly orangey bead in AB, we have these here in 4mm only. Sold in lots of 12pcs for $13.50. ORDER # BDVN6266T

White mini margaritas with the offset hole near the top. See picture. These measure 6mm, sold in lots of 12pcs for $7.50. Chalk white, which these are, were made in 1954 and have long been discontinued. ORDER # BDVN6359

Desert Margaritas, in 4 sizes .

  • The 8mm are sold in lots of 12 for $10, ORDER # BDVN6357.
  • The 10mm are sold in lots of 12 for $15, ORDER # BDVN6360x.
  • The 12mm are sold in lots of 12 for $18, ORDER # BDVN6363x.
  • Don't Miss This One!
    It is nearly impossible to find a graduated set of Margaritas!

    Article 364 measures 8mm, in the version of Scarabee AB on Dark Montana. This bead looks so much better in life, the scarabee against the dark montana just does not photo well at all. Actually one of the sexiest beads we have, and only in this size, no other size has ever shown up. Sold in lots of 6 for $13.50 Order # BDVN6607.

    Apple Green 14mm, long time gone color and size. These are article 5000, actually a very rare bead and sold for at 6pcs for $33. Order Item #BDVN6490. These are really old and the package is really yellow like that. A few packages for sale, 36pcs in a package, at $208. We have many old Swarovski packages on this site, be sure to look around and see them all.

    Hadium with some unknown coating on it, probably Janelle which was made for Monet and used often by them in the late 50's-early 60's. These are article 199, 5mm and are sold in lots of 12 for $16.50. Item #BDVN6642.

    One more in the same coating except the base bead is jet, you know, the black one. Also a Monet special used in the late 50's-early 60's. These are article 199, 5mm and are sold in lots of 12 for $16.50. Item #BDVN6638.

    Hadium bicones, AB finish.4mm So pretty! Sold in lots of 12pcs for $10, so pretty. Pretty beads. So pretty too. And transparent where they are transparent. And really pretty. Rare Hadium, so pretty!. # BDVN6199.

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