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Cut Crystal Pendants

A cut crystal pendant to enhance your necklaces, it measures 24mm. The design was engraved into the back of the piece with a hot needle, then the color added. That is how they did it in the old days. Nowadays, it is in the mold and they are pressed out and printed by the zillions and usually in plastic. These are the original cut crystal the old ones that are very collectible and not so easy to come by. Sold for, $7 each. Last few available.

*A few more cut crystal pendants.

Please Note: Letter 'G' is a modern made item. It is the symbol of the breast cancer awareness program and all profit from this item will be donated to breast cancer research. We encourage you to do the same with any profits from products you make and sell using this item. The color around the edges is just a reflection of the design in the center and is not actually there.

Use the pull down menu to make your selections.

Sold As Follows, By Style:
  • 1 piece $5
  • 3 pieces $12
  • 6 pieces $18
  • 12 pieces $30

  • A Touch of Gold

    A splash of gold on these Czech beads, 1954, which we have in several varieties, as you can see. The first here are ovals, faceted ovals, and measure 8x11mmThese are sold in lots of 12 for $18, by color. Three colors available, pink, crystal clear, or jet black. Order# BDVN2531, see pull down for others, by color. Use the pull down menu to make your selections.

    Also Available in a Smaller Size, 6x8mm

    $12 per Dozen

    Flat ovals with a splash of gold, these are available in but two varieties, pink and crystal and measure 8x11mm also. These are sold in lots of 12 for $13.50, by color. Two colors available, pink or crystal clear . Order# BDVN2515. Use the pull down menu to make your selections.

    Also A Touch of Gold

    Rounds in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

    Sold as follows, by color.

  • 6mm 12 for $8
  • 8mm 12/$10
  • 10mm 12/$13.50.

    Select from the drop down menus. Style number varies by size and color, computer knows so you don't have to. Sorry, 10mm teal sold out!




    One of the prettiest beads to come out of Japan in 1952, this 14x18mm oval will give you excess mileage being as it is 3/4 of an inch in length. Embedded dark blue spots in a sea of turquoise and all for the lowly price of $15 per lot of 12 pieces. Volume discounts see below:

  • Buy 1 lot pay $15.

  • Buy 3 lots pay $12 per lot.

  • Buy 6 lots and pay $9 per lot.
  • Item number VN5525

    Smaller version of the 'Big Rocks' seen elsewhere and later, I hope you were paying attention. These are far smaller, measure 13x18mm. For those who are afraid of big rocks these are smaller rocks. The color and all is the same, everything is the same except the price and the size. Same origins also. These are black. And so ends the similarity. These are sold in lots of 12 for $10.50 and if you buy two lots you pay twice as much. Gotcha! Order Item# BDVN2554.

    Pink and cream sculpted bead from Japan, 1953. It measures 15mm round. Sold in lots of 12 for $18.00 . Volume discounts see below:

  • Buy 1 lot pay $18.00
  • Buy 3 lots pay $15.30 per lot.
  • Buy 6 lots and pay $14.40 per lot.
  • Item number VN5529

  • Gray translucent glass over white swirls and dots. Made in Western Germany, 1952. This lump shaped bead measures 12mm and sold in lots of 12 for $11.99. Order #BDVN5515.

    "The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live!"
    ----an observance of the King

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